Unlocking Instructions

Phase 1: Phase1.html

Please note that we do not support any other process other than the unlocking of the iPhone which starts when you have uploaded the simfree application on your iPhone.

However to make things easier, we provided on this page some instructions to perform the initial activation and jailbreak of the iPhone.

The new unlocking method is completely web-based.

With the release of the new jailbreak/activation by the community development teams there is no longer a need to downgrade to 1.0.2. SimFree 1.8 is specifically tailored to be run on 1.1.1 phones with no need to downgrade. The brilliant work by the teams combined with SimFree 1.8 means that it is now possible to get a brand new 1.1.1 phone and have it fully up and running in under 10 minutes. We can now also recommend that all our previously unlocked users upgrade to 1.1.1 . Please note that if you have already unlocked your phone once using any previous version of SimFree there is no need to unlock it again.

Please follow the simple step by step instructions outlined below to get SimFree 1.8 onto a freshly jailbroken phone. SimFree  1.8 will also unlock iPhones that were accidentally upgraded to 1.1.2 (But NOT iPhone that came preloaded with 1.1.2 at this time).


- Please DO NOT install simfree 1.8 on any version of the iPhone other than 1.1.1

- Connect your iPhone to your computer and let iTunes recognize the iPhone (iTunes should bring you to the Activation Page).

  1. -Remember to remove your SIM card from the iPhone and to restart it before running SimFree 1.8.

1. On the Activation Screen of the iPhone, slide to open the Emergency Screen keypad.

2. Type *#307# and hit Call, the phone will start ringing and display 1 Calling.

3. Delete all the numbers from the top right of the screen and Call the number 0.

4. Press Answer, Hold and then Decline.

5. Go to Contacts and create a contact. In the Url field type prefs://1f and save it. Then add another URL and type jailbreakme.com and save it.

6. Click on the prefs://1f and you can select your WiFi network. Then click on Settings on the top left corner to go back to the main settings screen and in General - AutoLock, select Never. Exit by pressing home and then Dial and Call the number 0 from the emergency screen.

7. Select the second URL called jailbreakme.com of the contact you created and follow the Install AppSnapp. You will be brought back to the phone’s activation screen within a few seconds or minutes. Please DO NOT press anything as AppSnapp is still running. Wait for it to finish. The phone should reboot automatically when its done and you will be back to the main screen with the slider. Now you can slide to access the phone.

8. Now Installer is on your Home Screen so you can install SimFree v1.8 directly on the phone as described in the following steps.

9. In Sources press Edit, Add, and type in http://tinyurl.com/2qxpe6 . Accept the AppTapp installer message and it will show iPhoneSimFree on your Install list.

10. After that you must install from the System tab the BSD Subsystem (if not already done automatically by AppSnapp) and then SimFree v1.8 from the iPhoneSimFree tab.

11. You should now  make sure that under Settings - General, AutoLock is set to Never. You can now run SimFree v1.8. and make sure you read and follow the SimFree on screen instructions.

12. Once SimFree is done running it will ask you it you want it to be removed. Please choose OK to get the application removed from your iPhone as you will no longer need it.

Now insert your SIM card and enjoy!

Phase 2: Phase2.html
What to expectFAQ.html
Jailbreak and Activation of the iPhone (on Mac)Phase1.html
Unlocking the iPhone with the SimFree applicationPhase2.html

Final Phase

Enjoy Ecstasy!

Jailbreak and Activation of the iPhone (on Windows)Phase1win.html
Un-bricking your anySim or iUnlock iPhonesunbrickiphone.html
Phase 3: Phase2.html
Upgrade your iPhone to version 1.1.1Phase3.html

Old Unlocking Process

The old unlocking process consists of

- Downgrading your iPhone to 1.0.2

  1. -Installing iPhoneSimFree on your iPhone

  2. -Unlocking your iPhone

  3. -Then updating your iPhone to 1.1.1

Now that you are ready to go. Please note that in order to unlock your phone you need to follow Phase 1, Phase 2 and then Phase 3 that best fits your case.